"What color is this object?"

Translation:Jakiego koloru jest ten przedmiot?

February 24, 2016

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Jakiego koloru. Genetive - is that because we're saying it's of that colour?

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Yes. An object is not a colour, it is of a colour.


Would that also be why the sentence calls for "jest" instead of "to"?


"to" is generally used in an "X is Y" sentences, where both X and Y are nouns/noun phrases. Here you ask about some property of Y ('this object'), the 'to' construction wouldn't work.


what is the difference between rzecz and przedmiot?


As far as I understood: Rzecz is a "thing", the kind of language you use between familiar people, friends etc. Przedmiot is an "object", more scientific and maybe even formal.


How would you say "what colour is it?" assuming a thing (a book, say), and "what colour is it?" enquiring as to the name of a colour (strange shade of blue, say). 'koloru' is coming from 'the object', being masc.in, so the other questions would take different case etc.?


If you have a question about how to name the colour, I guess "Co to za kolor?" = What (kind of) colour is that? or "Jak się nazywa/Jak nazwać ten kolor?" = What is this colour called?/How to call this colour?


Where has this structure been introduced or mentioned at least?


Right now. The skill "Household" has four sentences starting with "Jakiego koloru...".

I'll add some information about that construction in the Tips&Notes for this skill.


I believe there is a difference between object and subject. Object - obiekt Subject - przedmiot Therefore i presume the word obiekt should be the correct translation. Why not?


'przedmiot' feels more natural for 'object' here, 'obiekt' sounds... a bit scientific to me. But it works.

Yeah, 'subject' is also 'przedmiot' in school (maths, biology, physics), but subject of the sentence is 'podmiot' and subject of the lesson is 'temat'...


The word 'obiekt' will never be used for small objects, there 'rzecz' - thing, lub 'przedmiot' - subject would be used. "Obiekt" is something big like a building or a stadium, and it always sounds a little pompous...


Słowo "obiekt" używa się raczej do określenia dużych rzeczy jak np. budynek - building. Obiekt ma szersze znaczenie więc może to być również np. stadion - stadium.


How about Jaki jest kolor tego przedmiotu?


It means "What is the color of this object?", but it's correct and we accept it.


jakiego koloru jest ta rzecz?


Sounds ok to me. It may be missing from the database.


That's true, it's missing. I just added variants with 'rzecz'.

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