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Student Activity Log/Details Accessible for Students


We've been using the Duolingo classrooms since last October and since the Activity Details allows me to monitor their ACTIVE DAYS, total LESSONS and COURSE PROGRESS, I have been intermittently requiring students to meet certain goals in each of those areas. The very inconvenient problem with this, however, is that the students don't seem to be able to access this data for themselves from their own account (which means I have to manually print out and provide updates for them weekly). This seems illogical and quite possibly an easy fix for this to somehow be displayed on their home page. And they should also have clear access to the date-stamped activity log. Is there any way to PLEASE add this to the main interface for students who are sharing their progress with a teacher? Or is it possible for them to see this somewhere and we've just not found it yet?

THANK YOU!! Sra. Schweitzer Dallas, TX

February 24, 2016



I agree. Many times, the activity log will show that a student did, for example, only 2 or 3 days that week, but the student swears he was active every day, and shows me his 30 day streak. he can't, however, show me his activity log.


Was this ever handled? I'm still having a similar problem.

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