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[Immersion Bug] Article only 99% done?

I recently just finished checking every sentence in an article, but for some reason, it says there is one sentence untranslated, even though I've checked and rechecked it several times without finding it. Can this be fixed please? Here is the article: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/9335d865746717952c5133151833c34d

December 27, 2013



I found something that appears to be unchecked. If you click the title and arrow down twice, I see something that doesn't seem to be translated, although I only see it on the 'Original' view, not the 'Translation' view.
For future reference, you can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to skip from one sentence to another. This is useful because sometimes spaces, single quotes, or single periods get translated and can be easy to miss.


I didn't think to do that. Thank you!


I discovered this a while ago and looked into it. Today I put my results in this thread, although I had not seen your post yet! :D :


Clicking the DuoBot translation for every other article with a sentence like this gives the phrase 'Key Data' so I substituted that in for your translation of 'Error.' I hope this helps. We need to spread the word about this bug! :)

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