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"Men and women are eating fruit."

Translation:Mężczyźni i kobiety jedzą owoce.

February 24, 2016



Maybe it will help: (Present tense- jeść/to eat) Ja (I) jem Ty (you) jesz On (he) je Ona (she) je Ono (it) je My (we) jemy Wy (you) jecie Oni (they) jedzą


Any idea of how to remember the conjugation for "to eat"? I also hate spelling "Mężczyźni"


"Mężczyźni i kobiety jedzą owoc" should also be accepted it can't be implied that there is more than one fruit to eat


That would be "are eating a piece of fruit" or "are eating the fruit".


Or eating a fruit, I must agree with you, hate to be wrong :)


I didn’t finish writing and it said that it’s a mistake


I keep forgetting to check whether it's "Men and Women" or "man and woman" ._.


I have seen Mężczyźni sometimes without the ź (the second z) without an accent in an accepted answer. Is that just the computer allowing spelling that is close to the correct spelling for a difficult word, or are there different times the accented ź is used, and sometimes z is used without the accent?


The letter "i" can palatalize (soften) up to two preceding consonants. Here it palatalizes z into ź. The same happens with singular dative/locative mężczyźnie. All other inflected forms of mężczyzna don't have that letter, so z stays unchanged.

Declension table for mężczyzna

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