One of my students has been working steadily on his Duolingo process, but since February 8th, every lesson he completes gets recorded as Basics 1. Is there anything that can be done to reset his account without his losing the progress he's already made? He's gotten as far as "Possession," and is motivated to keep going.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

February 24, 2016


I recommend having them fill out the support form at the bottom of the Help page.


We have not heard of this glitch before. We are looking into it and it is looking very unlikely that this is happening. Is it possible that they are not motivated to move on and just doing basics 1 over and over again? This really does not appear to be a bug or glitch.

Some facts about the case that we found after some deep digging: only basics 1 is gold on their tree, they have not been exposed to words from further down the tree in 2 weeks, and each lesson session is taking them under 1 minute to complete, which indicates they are doing something extremely easy for them.

We suggest asking them to show you the "glitch" by doing any other skill and seeing if the "strength" doesn't go up, and if it doesn't show up correctly on your teacher dashboard. If that is the case, please take a picture or video of the screen and share it with us. Let us know how it goes!

Thank you. I'll check with him. This isn't a low motivation issue for him. He's finding it really upsetting. I'll see if I can work through it with him in person.

Great, please let us know how it goes. Let him click on the next lesson so that you can see if he is accidentally selecting the same unit instead of the next.

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