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Video/audio with transcript

Cześć! Does anybody know a good Polish website with video or audio content and transcript? When I used to study English, I loved to watch TED lectures as they usually had the live transcripts and you could practice listening, comprehension and learn certain phrases from the transcripts. May be someone knows something similar but in Polish?

February 24, 2016



I know subtitles for hearing impaired are not the same as transcript, and I do not if it works outside Pl or if you need some mojo to convince the internet that you are here, but http://adapter.pl/ has movies with subtitles.


Thanks, this works in Germany. Those are full-length movies, but it is also interesting jsut to watch some short scenes.


The most common stuff for transcription is definitely song lyrics. As for the spoken stuff… I know it may sound silly, but My Little Pony wiki has almost every episode of the show transcribed. If you were alright with that stuff, all you will need to do is to find the episodes themselves.



That's what I call thinking outside of the box :) Thanks for the tip. I am also considering finding some interesting non-fiction book in Polish with audio-version so that I could listen to it and check the printed version.


Well, I'm sure that you can find songs with lyrcs, for example here: http://www.tekstowo.pl/ You just need to know some Polish songs, what kind of music do you like? Also if I found something else, I'll tell you.


Thanks for the link! I like everything except metal and hip-hop, though I know that hip-hop is often recommended as source of modern vocabulary for learning foreign languages.


You can find on youtube songs with texts. On the right you can find other songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQNREpqQ1yQ


Yeah, but there's a one problem with hip-hop, they sing (or talk, I'm not sure how to call it) so fast, so even I have some problems with hip-hop in Polish :/

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