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  5. "This is my employee."

"This is my employee."

Translation:To jest mój pracownik.

February 24, 2016



Why isn't it "pracownikiem" here?


because of the "to jest" expression


So "to jest" is different from "jest"? And doesn't take the ----- case? (Sorry I don't remember the name :S)


You may want to check some early lessons tips and notes ( I think it is description)

Basically, yes, to when not followed by noun, changes the required case from instrumental to nominative.

You may remember all those "Jaś to chłopiec / Jaś jest chłopcem" sentences


Maybe I'll try to help ;) To jest mój pracownik- Es mi empleado- It's my employee; but On jest moim pracownikiem (you can omit 'on' btw, but you probably know this already :))- él es mi empleado-He's my employee. Unfortuntately I can't really explain why it is this way ;/ Hope this helps a tiny bit.

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