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  5. "Architekt jest artystą."

"Architekt jest artystą."

Translation:An architect is an artist.

February 24, 2016



Od czasu do czasu... Nie zawsze


Agreed! Two of my brothers are architects and they would not agree with this statement.


Well, in Polish „architekt” is always an artist, though that can't be always said about his work – he might have done some „chałtura”(a shoddy, inartistic job, done purely for money) this time. ;)

Obviously, there are some artists(not just architects) that only do „chałtury” their whole life, for economical reasons, but… Well, that's life for you, and it doesn't say anything about their potential ability for artistry. ;)


Am I right to suppose that although it is right to say "the architect is an architect" even though it would imply a different thing in English (and Spanish for that matter) if in Polish you want to say the implicit meaning of "the architect" you would say something like "Ten architekt"? Or you would say as it is and the context does the distinction?

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