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  5. "Ta kobieta jest dobra."

"Ta kobieta jest dobra."

Translation:This woman is good.

February 24, 2016



"This woman is good," has a different meaning in English. It usually means that she's good at something. For example if you're watching a volleyball game, you would say "this woman is good." The translation here should be This woman is nice. Or, the Polish could be Ona jest dobrą kobietą, She is a good woman. Or To dobra kobieta.


Imagine you're watching skiers. You'd say She/He's good, right? Or "fantastic skiing!" and not "This woman is good"


Why "This woman is KIND" is not accepted?


The closer equivalent of "kind" is "uprzejma" or "miła".


In Russian, dobraja means "kind" but not in Polish.

Eta żensina dobraja. in Russian in the Polish alphabet.


I've done this part in express mode without loosing even a single heart, I think because Russian and Polish are pretty close. And yet I am still far away of speaking sufficiently well. Sad...


I wonder about the sense of the phrase, and can't invent any decent application of it


I agree that it doesn't translate well directly. The meaning that it's trying to convey is, "This woman is a good person," or "This is a good woman."


Mistyped it at first. This woman is Debra, apparently.


Fun fact: In the Portuguese language (maybe in the Spanish language too) to say that a woman is "boa" ("good" in Portuguese) also means, indirectly, that a woman is sexually attractive.


Same in french haha


"... As opposed to all the rest"? =P


How would a Polish native interpret "He/She is good" compared to "This woman/man is good"? Say, if you see some people nearby and you comment on what they are doing or how they are interacting. The person may be good at parenting, or flirting, or managing, or doing something difficult or unexpected. When do you native speakers use which of the 2 phrases?


The only difference I can think of is that the version with "this woman/man" can be more specific in some situations. The meaning of "is good" is the same in both situations.


this sentence sounds very strange


An entire sentence without a diacritic? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH POLISH?

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