"My mom has black coffee."

Translation:Mae gan fy mam goffi du.

February 25, 2016

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Why is the verb coming before the subject here? Wasn't it supposed to be "Mae fy mam gan..?


gan is not a verb - it's a preposition meaning "with".

A more literal translation is "There is black coffee with my mother", or even more literally, "Is with my mother coffee black".

So you can't split up the gan from the fy mam.

I believe that some use gyda for "with" instead of gan and that then the phrase would come later: Mae coffi du gyda fy mam "Is coffee black with my mother = There is black coffee with my mother = My mother has black coffee".


Oooooh yeah! Wow, I had seen that on the possession unit, but I did it only once and the review hasn't come up yet. Indeed, I found gyda to be easier, but we had to learn both forms. My bad. Thanks for reminding me and explaining it better =)

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