"I am alone."

Translation:Je suis seul.

January 17, 2013

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Oops, that’s wrong Correct translations:

<pre>Je suis seul. Je suis seule. </pre>

You missed 1 correct translation!

Well, since you haven't shown me the seule word yet, how am I supposed to KNOW?


That's the trick, when you are a learner, you discover something new with nearly every exercise. But frustration aside, this is the very purpose of learning.


I get frustrated, but happy at the same time because I know I learned something new.


I just think that randomly guessing what a word means isn't the best way to learn, and then you get docked a heart because your guess was incorrect!


It seems like I'm getting punished for not knowing the right answer when I haven't been taught the right one yet.


Seule is the feminine; seul is the masculine. Either could be correct depending on the speakers (writers) gender. Don't take the heart loss personally. We're all loosing hearts when it doesn't seem "fair", but each time we learn something new! The idea is learning and now you've learned something new. When we loose hearts and must repeat or practice more, the language simply becomes more imbeded in our brain. All good!! Don't you think?


Psssst, St. Brieux...

Just quietly, it's losing and lose... "all losing" and "when we lose hearts".

In English, loose means, among other things, "not tight".


You're right-- but the "school of hard knocks" can be frustrating at times! Thanks for the encouragement, though.


I'm not sure if seul and seule are masculine and feminine or misspelled. I just thought that seul was misspelled.


I know right that happened to me


It tells you at the start of the lesson that adjectives match the gender.


if i say 'je suis seule', it could be marked right as I am a girl!


Did you report it ?


i don't know what did you mark, probably you've only marked "seule" instead of the both options (seule/seul)... remember that the excercie asks to mark ALL the right options. I choosed both and it was correct.


I am alone. You are alone. The ant/turtle/cat is alone. What a depressingly french lesson.


Everyone's alone together.


So if were all alone together then we can all not be alone


Gee, thanks a bunch DuoLingo, I almost forgot.


I got it right but that was tricky


Thanks for reminding me, Duolingo -w-


I keep mixing up my feminine and masculine


I'm so alone that even the computer acknowledges it :'(


They both mean the same thing so its kinda hard to know which one to pick


they don't mean the same thing and Duo has planned for 2 possible answers : je suis seul (and I am a man) or je suis seule (and I am a woman)


And if you get the multiple choice you pick them both as right.


I find it difficult to figure out pronunciation. For example a lot of the conjugations for 'mange' sound the same or very similar. Is it just of matter of tuning your ear to the language? If so are there any tips that would help aside from practicing?


What you can easily do is to open a new tab on Google Translate, enter each word or sentence you need to hear, then click on the small loudspeaker : their translations are not good, but their pronunciation is excellent.


two questions before this I answered "Je suis forte" as I am a woman...and I got marked incorrect ??? Why is that ??


You can report it.


Again.. Does seul mean the same as single?


single = célibataire


I am a woman so it can only be: Je suis seule.


i am a woman…therefore seule


Im confused about the word "seul" or "seule" because In "Le cheval est seule" It was correct even though cheval is masculine, not feminine. In this case I clicked "Je suis seule" because I am female. It says that there are two solutions, and that is correct, but I got marked wrong…So idk… Anyways, great app though.


The first time I did this question I put je suis suel, It said that the answer was je suis seule. The next time this question came up I put je suis seule , it said that the answer was meant to be je suis suel! How am I supposed to get it right????? Can anyone tell me why this is happening???? Thanx


This phenomenon happens only in dictation because "seul" and "seule" are homophones, while the program only refers to the written version "je suis seul". I know that developpers are looking at a way of identifying homophones but it is not ready yet.

In the meantime, I have disabled the dictation exercise.


I had this issue with another question…..it happens from time to time.. Hopefully they will fix it.. it's annoying


When do you use seul/seule?


seul = masculine singular

seule = feminine singular

for plural, you just add an -s to either: seuls, seules

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    i put it corret

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