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  5. "Nie chcę nikogo odwiedzać."

"Nie chcę nikogo odwiedzać."

Translation:I do not want to visit anyone.

February 25, 2016



This sentence always confuses me as I always read it as 'I do not want anyone to visit' as in I don't want anybody coming to visit me. How would the sentence structure differ if that is what I wanted to say? Would I have to specifically mention people motioning towards me something like 'Nie chcę nikogo przychodzi mnie odwiedzać'


I'd go for "Nie chcę by/aby/żeby ktokolwiek mnie odwiedzał". Somehow a form of 'nikt' (nobody) doesn't look good in this sentence in my opinion, so I went with 'ktokolwiek' = 'anybody'.


Dziekuję Jellei but theres that word 'żeby' again. It seems to crop up time and again in the most unexpected places :-)


Yeah, it's needed here unfortunately. You could say "Nie chcę żadnych odwiedzających" - I don't want any visitors.


Pronunciation or context are important:

Nie chcę nikogo odwiedzać - I do not want to visit anyone
Nie chce nikogo odwiedzać - He/She does not want to visit anyone


What kind of case is nikogo? When do you use it?


it is genitive. Genitive is used in many things, but here it is used as direct object in negated sentence.

If a verb needs accusative as direct object, the case changes to genitive when the verb is negated. And a sentence with nikt/nikogo has to be negated.

And if you wanted to know: nikt/nikogo means "nobody, no one" , but English has one negation rule, while Polish has multiple negations, so "anyone, anybody" in negated sentences translate to "nikt"

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