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  5. "Du isst ein Fischsandwich."

"Du isst ein Fischsandwich."

Translation:You eat a fish sandwich.

January 17, 2013



In these kind of mixed words like "Fischsandwich", how do we know which gender to take for the article if they are different ?

For example, do we say : "Eine Zitronesandwich" or "Ein Zitronesandwich" ?

I know, lemon sandwiches must be disgusting, it's just for the example.


You use the gender of the base word which is always the last one, since you're adding lemons to your sandwich, right? So, it's ein Zitronensandwich. Der Tisch -> Das Tischbein. Der Kommentar -> Die Kommentarfunktion, you get the point.

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