"Gdzie jest butelka mleka?"

Translation:Where is the bottle of milk?

February 25, 2016

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Why is mleka genitive here? I would say it is accusative (or dative?). And can you say 'butelka z mlekiem'?


Yes you can say "butelka z mlekiem" , but then it is "a bottle with milk. "

Genitive case is the one that is listed second on the declension charts, ( here is how to use Wiktionary and WSJP to get conjugation, you can access declension the same way )

Genitive is used:

  • to indicate possession, a noun in Genitive goes second; Kasia's dog - Pies Kasi

  • after negation of the verbs, that need accusative (as a direct object)

  • as a direct of some verbs, some of them are seen as negative, like nienawidzić- hate; szukać- search, negować-negate, brakować- lack, odmawiać- refuse, but also some other ( I will link a list)

  • after some numerals and quantifiers ( I guess that is for a lesson on numerals)

  • after some prepositions ( z, ze in the from meaning) https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Prepositions_as_hints_to_declensions

  • in dates

link to a list of verbs https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12409861

Also awesome comment by br0d4 here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13769639


Mówi się raczej butelka mleka, chyba że chodzi o jakiś konkretny rodzaj mleka. Np butelka ze słodkim mlekiem


Cześć! So, is the milk usually sold in bottles in Poland? W Finlandii nie mają butelki mleka. :) How would you say carton of milk? Also how popular are the options for milk, like oat drink or soydrink, in Poland? :) Dziękuję!


Karton mleka :)

I'd say that mostly it's sold in cartons, but if I saw a bottle of milk I wouldn't pay attention to it, it wouldn't feel weird.

I don't think those options are popular, but maybe it's just my lack of knowledge.


As far as I remember, in Polish supermarkets they sell fresh milk quite often in (plastic) bottles, while UHT milk is sold in cartons.

Does "butelka mleka" have to be a bottle that contains milk or could it also be an empty milk bottle?


It definitely sounds like it's a bottle containing milk.

For empty bottles I'd suggest butelka na mleko (most likely a glass bottle which is supposed to be filled with milk) or butelka od mleka (most likely a bottle which was bought at a store and has already been emptied).


I should try to remember at least the latter (much more likely for me :D)



While "butelka od mleka" surely shows Google results, I don't recall hearing anything like that... I'd definitely call a bottle that used to have milk in it "butelka po mleku" (po + Locative).


"A bottle after milk" sounds funny.....and is easier to remember :-)

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