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The Mystery of the Hidden 'Key Data' Sentence!

In many Wikipedia articles in immersion (especially those about people), there is a fact file on the right hand side. These articles also tend to end up left in immersion with one sentence to be translated that doesn't seem to exist in the article. These articles clutter the 'To be translated' section of immersion.

After I noticed this I decided to go through one of these articles sentence by sentence, starting with the title. Using the down arrow key I looked at each sentence. After only a few sentences I came to a 'Translate this sentence for x points' box which had no highlighted sentence to translate. Clicking on the DuoBot translation gave me the translation 'Key data'. After typing in this translation, the article disappeared from the 'To be translated' section of immersion. I tried another of these articles and yet again there was the hidden 'Key data' sentence which could only be reached using the arrow keys.

I've no clue what's going on but this affects numerous articles and clogs up immersion. This was in the French immersion but I expect it probably affects other languages too. Thank you!

Here are some of the articles affected:




http://www.duolingo.com/translation/9335d865746717952c5133151833c34d (this article demonstrates that it doesn't just happen to articles with a picture in the fact file)

http://www.duolingo.com/translation/fb3dcee427bb762be3e99cb87b86c2f8 (as of adding this link, the article in question did not have the 'Key data' sentence translated)

December 27, 2013



Just so that everybody knows about this! :)


This is in every Italian article from Wikipedia, I don't know where it comes from :)


Thanks for reporting this. It should be fixed for new articles, and we'll try to make sure all the old articles get cleaned up.

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