"Mae hi'n bum munud ar hugain wedi."

Translation:It is twenty five minutes past.

February 25, 2016

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How would this be translated literally?


Extremely literally, "Is she in five minute on twenty after".

  • pump = five
  • ugain = twenty
  • pump ar hugain = five-on-twenty = twenty-five
  • pum munud ar hugain = five minutes on twenty = twenty-five minutes

The pump turns into pum before a noun, as here -- and the noun goes after the first part of such as compound number as pump ar hugain (and is in the singular).

And the yn is not really "in" here; it just joins up the predicate to the subject, and since the predicate is a noun phrase ("twenty-five minutes past"), the first letter gets lenited: thus pum munud turns into yn bum munud and then the yn gets contracted with the hi into hi'n.

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