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"Were you eating in the private cafe."

Translation:O'ch chi'n bwyta yn y caffi preifat?

February 25, 2016



Can "mewn" work here? Or is it that you can only work "mewn" a private café, but not eat "mewn" one?


From the Tips and Notes to the "Work" skill:

Many building and workplaces are also feminine and are introduced with mewn, meaning in a. The difference between yn and mewn is that yn is a very specific place, whilst mewn means any old place and in a. Yn is also used when saying in the (yn y).

This sentence has "in the", not "in a", and so mewn seems inappropriate to me.


This perfectly explains it! Thank you very much!!

Sometimes I forget some of the tips and notes. I should read them more often.


Always a good idea :)

It took me a bit to find again because that statement about the difference between mewn and yn is sort of tucked away in the middle of a paragraph -- if I wasn't sure I had read it before, I might have skipped right over it while trying to find it again.


Yeah, that happened to me before, in another course. :P

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