"Ile płacę?"

Translation:How much do I pay?

February 25, 2016

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I can only say that in British English you can not say

How much do I pay?

Well of course you can say it but it would be grammatically incorrect if you were asking the question of how much you needed to pay for something.

You could say

How much?

Many people do and it's very slightly inpolite / abrupt.

It probably is the closest to 'Ile płacę?'

Otherwise it would have to be

How much will it be? Or How much will it cost? Or How much do I need to pay?


You can only use 'how much' + uncountable noun / singular or plural noun or with the verb cost or be.

'How much do I pay' would only make sense in the context of asking someone how much you routinely paid for something in the past. Eg. In the context of monthly payments for electricity. (How much do I pay [every month for electricity])


"How much" should be accepted!


Well... that can serve the same function sometimes, but it really is quite vague. I could perhaps consider it if more people asked for it, but it seems like you're one of... three people that reported such a suggestion.


I agree with Steven Hill. This is not a good sentence in English. Maybe if someone asked you how much you pay for your apartment and you were shocked and repeated their question back to deflect their inappropriate prying... "How much do I pay!?" (But it's not a normal phrase as is)

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