Why is there no assignment for Dutch Perfectum (I have made/she has worked)?

The Perfectum is more commonly used in Dutch than the Imperfectum. Will there be added an assignment for: 1. Participle of the perfectum, both for regular and irregular verbs (ge+root+d/t) 2. Exercises to practise the usage of the correct auxiliar verb: either 'hebben' or 'zijn'.

It's funny there is an assignment for the future tense using 'zullen' which is not that commonly used in a reference to the future, but not for the perfectum.

Actually, 'zullen' is a verb with many meanings and usages, depending on the sentence, so I think that assignment should be redone and named 'Zullen' instead of future or future past perfect...

2 years ago


Thanks, but the link doesn't seem to work for me...?

2 years ago
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Ah, that must be because you are currently learning Italian, not Dutch.

In any case, there already is a skill about the Dutch perfectum (Present Perfect). We are currently working on a new version of the Dutch course and there it will be split into three parts.

2 years ago

I would also LOOOVE to see an assignment where you have to determine what verbal tense fits best: perfectum or imperfectum...

2 years ago
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