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  5. "Tá seoladh ar an nuachtán."

" seoladh ar an nuachtán."

Translation:There is an address on the newspaper.

February 25, 2016



In English we wouldn't say that there was an address on the newspaper. I think that "in" should be accepted even if it isn't the literal translation of "ar".


I wouldn’t use “on” for an address that was found in a newspaper article or advertisement, but I would use “on” for an address in a newspaper’s mailing label, or for one that was handwritten on a newspaper.


If I'm talking to someone on the phone, and they call out an address and I grab a newspaper because it's the only thing to hand and I write that address down, there's an address "on the newspaper".

Ar an nuachtán means "on the newspaper". Sa nuachtán means "in the newspaper".


It sounds so beautiful!


Is 'Seoladh ' not pronounced ' shol -oo' ?

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