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British English spelling not currently accepted

I think Duolingo should accept British English spelling in translations. When English is not the target language, there should not be a preference.

January 17, 2013



I've noticed this occasionally. I have no problem writing things like 'colour' but annoyingly I've often been flagged up for using an s instead of a z in a word.


It would be really nice if there was an option for dialects e.g. I say I'm English, British and it shows a British interface (possibly rejecting American translations, or providing a note pointing out that it isn't how a British person would say it)

also you could choose dialects for the languages you're learning Spanish (Spain or Mexico), Portugesue (Portugal, Brazil) etc.

They could use simple formulas e.g soccer>football, football>American football, color>colour; for abmiguous words (learned>learnt or with no change depending on context) they could allow any dialect


I tend to use a mix of British and American spellings and personally hadn't run into any problems, but if this is true it should definitely be changed so that both are allowed.


Many are accepted, so I think you should flag those that aren't. I tend to say pants and color for simplicity now.

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