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  5. "Prowadzę samochód."

"Prowadzę samochód."

Translation:I drive the car.

February 25, 2016



In what circumstance would one say 'Prowadzę samochód' instead of 'jadę samochódem' ?


where the fact you are driving is important. ex I cannot drink today, I cannot talk on mobile now, telling someone you want to drive today.


Could "jadę samochodem" be used to mean "I'm going by car, as a passenger"?


In fact, "jadę samochodem" does not specify whether you are just a passenger or you drive it yourself.


Is this ‘I drive’ or ‘I am driving’? It’s a verb of motion after all.


It kind of is not in Polish. ( It is more I am in charge, I am leading). Also not all verbs of motion have the go/is going distinction.

I can only remember 6:

  • go/walk - iść/chodzić

  • run - biec/biegać

  • go/ride/drive - jechać/jeździć

  • swim/sail/go - płynąć/pływać

  • fly/go - lecieć/latać

  • carry - nieść/nosić


"Drive" used to have the exact same meaning in English, too - driving your enemies before you, driving your oxes back to the barn...


Well, there is "prowadzać", but tbh I can't recall when I saw it used last time as frequentative of "prowadzić" - pretty much it's only used with reflexive "się" to mean dating/relationship and even that is really dated…


Even then it is more like jeść/jadać(eat) pić/pijać(drink) spać/sypiać (sleep) siadzieć/siadywać(sit) widzieć/widywać(see) (one for both meanings other specifically for repeated action, rarely used)


If "a driver"="kierowca", it looks logical, that "to drive a car" might be translated as "kierować samochódem", doesn't it?


It's logicall and used in practice but rather formal (the police likes to use it). Normally we either „jechać samochodem” (no difference between passanger and driver) or "prowadzić samochód" (lit. to guide/drive/lead/conduct a car). Polish law uses „kierowca” for everyone that has driving licence whereas „kierujący” is the actual driver in the process of driving.


Do you know when you would say "jezdze" and "prowadze" ? Thanks!


"jeżdżę" does not work for Present Continuous, unless you're just 'driving around' without any purpose and direction. It also doesn't really mean that I am driving, although it can. Basically it's a habitual form of "to go" (by vehicle).

"prowadzę" definitely means that I am driving, works both for Present Simple and Present Continuous, just as most verbs.

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