"Your mom is in the hallway."

Translation:Twoja mama jest na korytarzu.

February 25, 2016

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Why is it 'na' and not 'w'?


„Korytarz” is closer in meaning to "corridor". Don't necessarily think about it as a room, but perhaps as a narrow designated area for people to get elsewhere.


warum ist hier kein Instrumental am Ende des Satzes?


Lokativ in Latin? Isn't it just ablative?


When i saw the question I just imagined a woman standing in he hallway of a house and I thought this was called 'przedpokój' ??


Could be. While five minutes ago I would probably say they're synonyms, it turns out that 'przedpokój' usually has different proportions (let's just say that it resembles a normal room much more than korytarz), and the best translation to English is 'anteroom'. Wikipedia treats "Sień" as the equivalent article for the one about "Hallway".


If you say "hallway" then how can that be outside? Hallway in english connotes ceiling and walls leading from one room to another (or to the outside) therefore i always think "w korytarzu", like "w pokoju" "w kuchni" "w łazience". I learned polish in polish school and from my family (from warsawa originally)


There's nothing here suggesting that 'korytarz' is outside (unless I missed something in one of the comments), to me "korytarz" is definitely inside.


Just because you can say „na korytarzu”, doesn't mean it has to be outside.


Also "your mom is in the hallway" is now my fave insult lol

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