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Interesting podcasts...? (For all languages, hence the posting here)

The problem is the tyranny of choice! There are too many, and most of them suck.

Does anyone know any that is easy enough for beginner and intermediate levels, but not boring and / or annoying? (I'm thinking of a Spanish one in which the hosts speak with an intonation typical of when you're speaking with a child. The content is decent enough, but their way of speaking makes me want to beat them up ;-(

If only BBC World Service had a 6 Minute Spanish, Italian, French...etc. Their "6 Minute English" podcast is pretty good, even for advanced English speakers, because they feature interesting stories.

Audio books would serve the same purpose, if you have suggestions. By the way, if you need suggestions yourself for audio content in English, I've got a truckload of them :-) Just ask. (Mostly for fluent speakers, though).

Oh, and one more thing. I posted this on every forum. Duo staff, please don't delete it, it's not spam, I just want different answers to the same question, and people might not check this general forum. Thanks!

January 18, 2013



Thanks, but I'm looking for audio, and more fast-paced content, by the way.


I'm going to bookmark that.


I thought Coffee Break Spanish was good It's a beginner course with a teacher and a student. They are both Scottish but don't really have strong Scottish accents. The follow on Showtime Spanish is for intermediate level and has native speakers from Spain and South America. Both are good in my opinion.


Thanks, I'm going to try those!

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