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"Later they watched television."

Translation:Posteriormente vieron televisión.

January 18, 2013



Agreed, luego would work here.


Posteriormente ELLOS vieron televisión should also be accepted(?)


Agreed. I did the same thing and was marked wrong. What's everyone think?


really...? Luego really works just fine here. No one says "posteriormente".


I think "posteriormente" is closer to English "afterwards", giving more emphasis to a time that occurs specifically after another event.


I prefer luego also.


"Kim Kardashian a quien cada vez se le nota más su embarazo, fue fotografiada a su llegada al aeropuerto de París, Francia. POSTERIORMENTE, la socialité se reunió con su pareja Kanye West para disfrutar [regular AR verb, meaning: to enjoy] de la cocina francesa en el restaurante Ferdi." from the on-line edition of People magazine (Spanish edition) 4/4/13 (Hey, this is a real word. I thought it sounded so academic when I saw first saw it on Duolingo). My translation: Kim Kardashian who looks more preganant every time we see her, was photographed leaving the Paris, France, airport. Later the socialite was reunited with her partner Kanye West and enjoyed French food at the restaurent, Ferdi.


i think "luego ellos miraron television" should be accepted, too. this sound more natural, i think.


posteriormente vs luego vs más tarde vs después ... all synonyms? Any guidelines for when to choose one over the other based on context?


why not 'se vieron'?


televisor is a perfectly acceptable Spanish word for television


the hints for later is "después, más tarde, posterior". but posterior wasn't accepted. why not?


I think the problem comes from the fact that "posterior" is an adjective, whereas what is needed here is an adverb, "posteriormente". In English, "later" can be either an adverb OR and adjective. So "later" will need to be translated differently depending on it's role in the English sentence.

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