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Yet another curious Polish word

While I was going over my notes related to linguistics early today, I came across yet another pretty Polish word and I thought I might share my random observation here.

Said observation concerns the word żółć (it has two meanings; one being bile, the other being the yellow colour). It would not be extraordinary in any way, if it did not solely consist of the diacritics, thus writing it requires pressing Alt all the way. And believe me - there's nothing worse than having a bunch of them in your essay that is due tomorrow and you keep missing Alt on your keyboard.

February 25, 2016



I believe in your case having a word with many diacritics separated by normal letters would be worse. A word like „żółć” only require you to hold right Alt while you type, no depressing required.

The mistake I sometimes make (but usually spot it in time) is writing "o" as a capital letter after capital "P". They are so close together that I don't always depress Shift in time. "PO" also happens to be an acronym of the former ruler party in Poland, which would make my mistake harder to ignore as writing a word like this could be considered ironic.


Oh it definitely would. I mean, people have been using it for such a long time in the comment sections all over the Internet now that it has somehow become a lexicalized form on its own.


Along similar lines, my favourite Polish word is źdźbło meaning blade (of grass). Great to say too!

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