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  5. "Який транспорт є у Атланті?"

"Який транспорт є у Атланті?"

Translation:What means of transportation are there in Atlanta?

February 25, 2016



I don't often see "є" used a lot in this course. Usually it's omitted. Why does it go with this sentence?


Gives the feeling of "is there". I would say

Який транспорт у Атланті? - What transport is in Atlanta?

Який транспорт є у Атланті? - What transport is there in Atlanta?


Thank you! Just want you to know I appreciate your assistance in this course. Thanks to everyone else too! I know it isn't perfect and that some people have been upset about beta issues but I'm still glad to have this free resource to learn Ukrainian/Russian and other available languages. Please stay interested and keep helping others to learn!


You're most welcome!!

I'm happy to see people asking good questions and desiring answers to them. And I feel simply obliged to use my native speaker superpowers to help the language-learning humankind :)


I agree with this. Sometimes one reads a few too many negative comments and criticisms here, when really this course is extremely useful and very well done. I am grateful to the people who are working hard to support and improve it.


"What transportation is there in Atlanta?", is a great way to say this. I have reported it since it is not accepted.


I have consulted several Duolingo contributors who are native speakers, and they told me "What transportation" without any other modifier sounds awkward. We went with "What/which kind/type/mode/means/form/method of transport/transportation" to be as flexible as possible :')


Would you not use в in lieu of є?


Sorry, I meant y


I've always assumed that в sounds better between two vowels, in this case є в Атланті. Є у Атланті sounds clumsy to me, but apparently either в or у can be used.


Would you not use в in lieu of у?

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