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You can now assign existing tasks to new students!

Hello everyone!

Remember back in the day, when you would prepare an assignment, and then all of a sudden a new student would join the classroom, and you’d have no way of letting them participate in that assignment unless you re-created it? Well, those days are now over. Because you can now assign existing tasks to new students!

Here is how:

1) If your student is in a different classroom, find them under Students. Click on them and select Manage student>Move student

2) Once your new student has joined the classroom, click on the assignment you would like them to join. Find them on the list of students and click on the blue Assign now link next to their name.

3) Want to include more than one new student in the assignment at once? Let’s not waste too much time clicking on each new blue link on the list. Instead, use the Assign now button on the Duo notification (small warning: if you dismiss this notification by clicking on the X, it will not appear again in that particular assignment)

We are aware of your other requests, and are working on exciting improvements. This is just one of many, and we hope it is helpful. Thank you for all your collaboration and for helping us develop Duolingo for Schools. The best place to post ideas and discuss them with us and others is right here in the forum. We are grateful for having you as a part of this journey!

vivisaurus and the Duolingo team

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February 25, 2016





thanks that will help alot


What if my topics of choice are not what show up in the student emails? I assigned clothing and body, and they received fruit and animals. I tried several times...help


That is strange. Can you take screenshots of what is happening and send it to teachers@duolingo.com?


Hi please accept


It is a very important new feature, Thanks!

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