"Dylwn i roi'r gorau i'r gwaith."

Translation:I should give up work.

February 26, 2016

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Why isn't this "I should give up the work"?


Could be either here. yr gwaith has the sense of (my, your...) 'usual work' as well as 'the work' meaning a particular piece of work.


as "gorau" means "best", I put "I should give the best at work" (i.e. I should always do my best). Having been marked wrong, I've now seen that "roi'r gorau i" means "to give up", but how would I translate: "I should give the best at work" into Welsh?


Dylwn i wneud fy ngorau glas yn y gwaith - as an idiomatic expression for 'I should do my level best/very best at work'

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