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"Mae Sioned yn brydferth yn ei ffrog briodas."

Translation:Sioned is beautiful in her wedding dress.

February 26, 2016



Does anyone know why it is 'ei ffrog briodas' and not 'ei ffrog briodas hi'? Sometimes they seem to use the "double" form, and sometimes not. There is probably a pattern, but I haven't figured it out yet, so it would be great if someone could explain it :-)


From what i understand, in spoken/informal welsh, the 'hi' would be included to clarify the gender of 'ei' if necessary. In this case, we've already established that we're talking about Sioned, so adding the 'hi', while still grammatically correct, isn't strictly necessary.


Ok. Thanks for explaining :-)


From the number of times it occurs this would appear to be the single most important and useful phrase in the entire Welsh language!


I thought hardd was beautiful


There are many words for 'beautiful' in Welsh!

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