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  5. "Почему здесь так шумно?"

"Почему здесь так шумно?"

Translation:Why is it so noisy here?

February 26, 2016



Шумно here is a predicate adjective, coming after the unstated (in Russian) verb "is" and describing the unstated (in Russian) subject "it". In this module on "Nature", we have seen a number of examples of Predicate Adjectives which can also function as adverbs (and some as nouns). They act like adverbs in that they don't agree with the "subject", and if they were used as regular adjectives, they'd have to agree with the noun they modify. Here:

шум noise, (fuss) (nom. masc. sing.)
шумно noisily
шумно noisy (predicate adjective)
шумная комната "a noisy room" (regular adjective)

Source: Katzner's Russian-English dictionary


Why is it so noisy here?


Thank-you Theron. It is frustrating when duo just gives me an audio exercise and doesn't give me the translation when I don't hear it correctly. This only happens in one type of exercise.


Hi Theron, what do the badges near your name mean? That you completed 2 language trees? Or that you participated in writing 2 courses?


That I completed the Russian from English and English from Russian trees. I took a screenshot of the golden owls at the end of each course and copied them into Paint.

[deactivated user]

    Whats the difference between шумно and громко?


    Шумно is an adverb meaning noisily, or an adjective meaning noisy. Громко is an adverb meaning loud or loudly. I consider the connotations in English - noisy indicates a cacophony, whereas loud indicates increased volume.


    Can we replace так with очень. I'm not an English native speaker, I think "so" and "very" are the same, right?


    What's the difference between так and очень Plzz


    "Очень" is an intensifier meaning "very, very much, many", the difference here is equivalent to asking "why is it very loud here" rather than "so loud".


    Is there a way to know by just hearing if we need to use 'o' instead of 'a'? I thought it was шумна :/


    Unstressed "o" is pronounced like "a". Here, the stress in on the first syllable, шум so the 2nd syllable но is pronounced as if it were spelled на.

    Learning which syllables are stressed is another matter.


    Потому что тут дети.


    What's wrong with "loud'/

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