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Well guys I am here to tell you what was the best way for me to learn english in kind of "six months". The tip is watching tv shows first in portuguese and english subtitles, after that in the next season of the tv show that I chose I started to put the language in english and the subtitles in english too, and the third step and last, in the next season of the tv show that I chose I taked off the subtitle and leave only the language in english, at the beggining is dificult but after some episodes you start to accustom with all. My english improved so much because of that. So that's is my tip and I will list some tv shows that is easy to understand what they speak: Arrow, The 100, Heroes, Limitless, The Flash, Falling Skies, Dark Matter, Under the Dome, The Whispers etc Ps: You have to see and listen very much to work out, and mark on some notebook the words that you don't know and pratice them (15 words per day, ONLY).

2 anos atrás

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