Clean Movies in Spanish

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There are so many Spanish movies available online, but so far the only one I know of with nothing bad in it, is Macario. Are there any live action movies with like a G or PG rating?

2/26/2016, 2:38:20 AM


Anything with actor Pedro Infante. They are black and white movies.

These are some that I enjoyed growing up:

Pans Labyrinth, Volver, The Skin I Live In, Princesas, and Sin Nombre,

2/26/2016, 2:46:03 PM

nothing bad in it what does that mean?

2/27/2016, 12:30:02 PM

No sex, drugs, or extreme violence. Teen Disney/Nick or movies you would see on CBS, Hallmark, etc

2/27/2016, 8:44:11 PM

Look for "El Chavo Del Ocho". Not a movie, but a Mexican TV series. It's a comedy, more or less slapstick, which is suitable for the family. Think Gilligan's Island, but set in a Mexican apartment building instead of on a deserted island. It has been very popular for a long time, and is widely known among those who grew up in Latin America.

2/28/2016, 8:39:30 PM
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Manos Milagrosas is available on YouTube. It is the Ben Carson story. Excellent! Thanks for the thread.

8/12/2018, 8:26:11 PM
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