"The restaurant is to the left."

Translation:Das Restaurant ist links.

January 18, 2013

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Can we also say: Das Restaurant ist am links ? I thought you would use the preposition "an" no?


I was about to ask if one could say 'nach links' in this sentence. I don't believe 'an' is a correct preposition here.


I used 'am links' but im not sure if im 'englishizing' it (on the left) i think nach links is the proper way to do that anyway


I thought restaurant was masculine? Why is it saying it is neuter in this case?


Because Restaurant is neuter...


Damn it, but I've always written der Restaurant (which has always been marked correct until now), if it was neuter wouldn't you write das Restaurant.


Some words can be der or das, with one usually being more common than the other. Not sure if that applies in this case (maybe they say Der Restaurant in Bavaria or something...), but I learned it as das Restaurant (neuter) and my German dictionary agrees with me, so does Duolingo.


Hmm fair enough, it was just confusing because like I said I had be using der Restaurant until now and it was always mark correct, and when it was introduced it was der not das. Such is life, i'll see what happens in later exercises. Cheers for getting back to me so quickly, much appreciated.


Is it not correct to say "liegt links"?


Why isnt "Das Restaurant steht links" acceotible?

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