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"Naddo, es i ddim i'r pwll nofio."

Translation:No, I did not go to the swimming pool.

February 26, 2016



In other places, just "pool" rather than "swimming pool" is accepted for pwll nofio. So I don't know why "No, I did not go to the pool" is not accepted here.

[deactivated user]

    It is accepted.


    Shouldnt this be es i mo'r pwll nofio?


    The swimming pool is not the direct object :) You didn't "go the swimming pool", what you did was "go TO the swimming pool" -- with a preposition.

    Something such as "I didn't see the swimming pool" would, I think, be *Welais i mo'r pwll nofio" because there it's a definite direct object.


    Diolch! Even in English, the distinction between direct and indirect obejcts confuses me. I know the difference, but initially distinguishing them is a longer process than natural conversation time allows!

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