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"Мы собираемся пойти в кино. Хочешь с нами?"

Translation:We are going to the cinema. Do you want to come with us?

February 26, 2016



"We are planning to go to the movies. Do you want to go with us?" seems like it should work.


I agree. The verb used in the orevious sentence is go. The second sentence does not have a motion verb. The verb from the orevious sentence us implied.


Sorry. FAT FINGERS. Previous not oorevious.


i said "we plan to go the the theater. Do you want to go with us?"

marked as incorrect.

we NEVER say pictures in america.


It's been marked incorrect since you wrote double "the", perhaps


Why is “We are going to the cinema” correct and not just “We are going to go to the cinema”? I thought собираемся accounts for the future and пойти is the actual action that takes place in the future—in contrast, “going to the cinema” makes no assertion about the action taking place in the future. Instead, it's a present continuous.


In both American and British English, it's common to leave out the second go (or to merge both of them), the future tense will be implied on the sentence. But I do think going to go is correct.


Кино trsnslates to movie as well. Not sure why it isn't accepted


Пойти в кино usually means going to the cinema


What about "We are going to go to the movies. Are you in?"


Want you? It's a question phrase???


In American English "cinema" as in the expression, "we are going to the...." is not commonly used


Go with us or come with us


Weary of the old cowboy. The superimposed accent not helpful.


I wrote "we are going to go to a movie do you want to come with us", which passed, but the owl claimed it was a typo and should have read "...a movies...". Of course, the correct expressions are "a movie" or "the movies".


Can I simply say "Do you want with us" as a colloquial expression.


You can omit some things, but that doesn't sound right. Some options in the real world:
- Do you want to go?
- Do you want to? (This is pushing the envelope, but OK in my experience)
- Wanna come? (очень разговорная речь, почти похожа на «чё») ))

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