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  5. "Yes, you're to blame."

"Yes, you're to blame."

Translation:Ie, arnoch chi mae'r bai.

February 26, 2016



Does one always need "ti" here? I think Irish, for instance, would just use the declined preposition.


I would expect it to be there if you are stressing that "YOU are to blame" -- because you can't really stress "arnaT" but if you use the fuller form "arnat ti" you can stress "arnat TI".

(As opposed to, say, "there is BLAME on you".)


Probably yes in this case. The answer ie means that an emphatic question has been asked so the arnoch chi or arnat ti is a bit more emphatic in return. In the colloquial language it is more usual to keep the pronouns in there anyway, especially if they are in the middle of the sentence rather than at the end.

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