"Moja babcia gotuje ziemniaki na obiad."

Translation:My grandmother is cooking potatoes for lunch.

February 26, 2016



Both of my parents used the word kartofel for potato - even though they were from eastern Poland - I think ziemniak is of slavic origin and kartofel of germanic - please correct me if I am in error.

February 26, 2016


both are correct,

I have no idea why, but suposedly "ziemniak" was more used in south Poland (Austrian partition), and kartofel cenrtal-east (Russian partition) but then both russian and german word for potatoes are similar to kartofle

also prof Miodek says kartofel is much older word, http://www.gazetawroclawska.pl/artykul/387160,rzecz-o-jezyku-o-wyzszosci-kartofla-nad-ziemniakiem,id,t.html

February 26, 2016


That's more or less correct. The standard and most common word is ziemniaki, but most people may use kartofle interchangeably and everybody understands both words. There are other, regional words for potatoes as well, the most commonly known being pyry, used in Wielkopolska.

February 26, 2016
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