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Best Place to Immerse?

Hi everyone,

I am currently taking Spanish courses. I took Spanish for 6 years in school over a decade ago so I know some but nowhere near conversationally fluent. What you you recommend as the best places online to practice conversing in a language? I find that I am very good at writing and translating but weak in conversation...this is a problem as my main goal is verbal communication!

Thanks in advance!

4 years ago


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Try making friends on Lang-8 and interpals. Then get them on Skype and start conversin'! :D

4 years ago


Verbling offers video chat classes for a reasonable price ($3 per hour lesson, though you can get it cheaper if you buy a monthly subscription) that will give you conversation practice. You can also connect with other uses that are learning the opposite language than you (native Spanish, studying English) for free.

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4 years ago

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Try watching TV shows in Spanish. Scooby Doo, and other childrens cartoons are a good start. Just make sure they are dubbed and not subbed, otherwise it won't help. Also watch your local spanish TV station.

4 years ago


Has anyone tried Verbling?

4 years ago


Verbling community (www.verbling.com/community) is great for conversation. Many friendly native Spanish speakers with lots of time to talk! The teachers/classes are good, but you have to have a very open schedule to get your money's worth. The community chat rooms are free and there always seems to be a Spanish room or two going.

..oh and when you brain is tired of speaking find some Spanish TV on a theme you like. I like History channel or Discovery channel En Espanol. Ustream and other sites have them.

3 years ago