February 26, 2016

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Isn't it a bit odd switching between llefrith and llaeth without explanation? I used llaeth in the first half and had to guess what llefrith was milk.


Yes but I suppose it is closer to what you might have to do in conversations with people who speak the other dialects.


Why are they two ways of saying milk?


As with other languages, different dialects have developed over the centuries (five-ish main dialects in Wales) and in this case we have ended up with several ways of pronouncing the word and two different spellings as well.

We also have half a dozen or so words for each of boy, girl, hedge, farm track and gate, for example, so having two for milk is nothing to be surprised by!


I wonder if this word is a direct cognate of the Latin 'lactis' 'lacte'


Yes, it has latin roots. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/llaeth Reminds me of Portuguese "leite"


My Dad told me llefrith was used more for buttermilk (in N.E. Wales).


This is a general comment but I really wish there was a pronunciation guide in this lesson. I feel like I'm learning written Welsh and understand it what's being spoken but my stupid ears aren't hearing the sounds well enough to correctly vocalize.


In several places in the course notes (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17638579) and general discussions we recommend the series of short Welsh Plus pronunciation videos. Look on the web for 'Youtube Welsh plus pronunciation basics'. They are far better than a written guide.


Thank you. I predominately use Duolingo on my mobile and I can't see the course notes so I forget there are any!


You should be able to see them by using a web browser if you have an internet connection.


Took me ages to figure this out. I'm trying to learn specifically for North Wales and most of the time llefrith isn't even an option!


Either word should be accepted for every occurence of 'milk' on the course.

Note that there are two or three main dialects in what people think of as 'north' Wales.

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