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  5. "My mamy jabłko."

"My mamy jabłko."

Translation:We have an apple.

February 26, 2016



Why we use both, my and mamy

My = we Mamy = we have

So it's we we have?

Sorry i'm beginner in polish


You can do it, it's not wrong. But usually it's pretty redundant. As this is the beginning of the course, many sentences use it, but as you go further, most of the sentences will only treat it as an acceptable option.


is the repetition there in order to show emphasis if the "we"?


Yeah, it can be. "Ty masz mleko. - My mamy jabłko". It contrasts 'us' from 'you'.


Man, coming back to this after learning for a month and half (around there, I don't remember exactly when I started), I can tell what the normally paced track is saying better than the slower one! look at that, p r o g r e s s


I did we have apples... them plurals.


Yeah, how do like them plurals?


Im 18/20 on lever 4...only see sentences with "we have" en not a single one with "we are eating". Maybe unlucky, haha, but i really want to know what ending "eating" gets with "My je-..."?


I have an apple - Mam jabłko/ Jem jabłko
I eat an apple / I am eating/having an apple - Jem jabłko

We have an apple - Mamy jabłko/ Jemy jabłko
We eat an apple / We are eating/having an apple - Jemy jabłko


I don't think that without a wider context we should interpret Present Simple "I have an apple" as "I eat an apple". If it was "I have an apple once a day", then sure, but otherwise?


This is a lot of information. :○


Is jabꬷko also accusative?


Yes. Neuter singular nouns have Accusative identical to Nominative.


Is the L with a slash pronounced like an L in english? And does Polish have a non-slashed L?


Ł is roughly equivalent to English W.

L is used a lot in Polish, yes.


Is there a plural form of the word apple in polish? If not then why can't "My mamy jabłko" be translated as "We have apples" Or is there something else I'm missing?


My mamy jabłka is the plural version.


My ( We - ProNoun - 1st Pers Plu ) • From Proto-Slavic My, from Proto-Indo-European Me-

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Plu My Nas Nam Nas Nami Nas -

MamyMieć ( to have - Verb • From Proto-Slavic Jьměti (stem Jьma-) • ęti ( to take ) )

Inf ↓ 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
ProN → Ja Ty On Ona Ono My Wy Oni One
Mieć Mam Masz Ma Mamy Macie Mają

Jabłko / Jabłka ( Apple/s - Noun Neu ) (dim Jabłuszko ) • Jabł - ko / - ka
Sing → ko ka kom ko kiem ku ko
Plu → ka ek kom ka kami kach ka

Num ↓ Nom Gen Dat Acc Ins Loc Voc
Sing → ko ka kom ko kiem ku ko
Plu → ka ek kom ka kami kach ka


Shhh can't concentrate...

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