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  5. "Dzieci jedzą owoce."

"Dzieci jedzą owoce."

Translation:The children are eating fruit.

February 26, 2016



Is "Children eating fruit." a possible translation?


"Children eating fruit" would be „Dzieci jedzące owoce”. Here you put emphasis on the children more and use what they are doing as their description.

In "children eat fruit" or "children are eating fruit" you are pointing out what the children are actually doing.

And on a less serious note, "Children-eating fruit" would be „Owoce dzieciojady”. I'm pretty sure you will figure out the meaning. :)


Owoce jedzące dzieci :)


If you mean "Children eat fruit" than yes.


In Russian 'ovoschi' means vegetables and fruits is 'frukty'. This is so confusing :)))


Да! Я так тоже подумала. Слегка запутанно ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Why is the "dz" in dzieci pronounced differently from the one in jedzą? Is there a rule of it being pronounced like that if it's at the beginning of a sentence?


Z, c, n and s are pronounced as ź, ć, ń and ś when followed by the letter 'i'. So, the dz in dzieci is in fact a dź.


It seems "owoce" is plural. How would it be ·"A fruit"?


However, we wouldn't say "a fruit" here. In English, "fruit' is generally uncountable. We could say "some fruit", or more often we'd probably simply specify, e.g. "an apple".


Fruit can be used as an uncountable noun or a countable noun in which case the plural form would be fruits - both usages are acceptable. <3


The children are eating fruit.


My question is about the electronic pronunciation of owoce. It sounds like the second o is nasalized, like ą. Why?


Your false impression comes from the fact that the second "o" is stressed,
"o-wo-ce", that is why it sounds stronger and a bit longer than the first one.

Since the stress falls, most of the time, on the second from the last syllable, you will probably notice that in singular word "owoc" you have the same impression about the first "o", because this one is stressed now: "o-woc".

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