"Fy nghas beth"

Translation:My pet hate

February 26, 2016

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So, is there some superlative here? Is nghas a verbal adjective of some sort? Is it derived from casau in some regular way that I could derive a similar superlative adjective from some other verb?


It might be easier to think of these as idioms:

  • Fy nghas beth yw... (My pet hate is...; The thing I hate most is...)

  • Fy hoff beth yw... (My favourite thing is ...)

cas and hoff are two of a small number of adjectives which can have slightly different meanings when used before or after the noun. Putting cas and hoff after a noun gives us:

  • y ci cas; y gath gas (the nasty dog; the nasty cat)

  • ffrind hoff (a dear friend) (not such a common usage, but you do meet it sometimes)


I have never heard of a pet hate before


As Stardecki says above, in the United States, we would definitely only say "pet peeve."


'pet peeve' is another accepted translation here.

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