"Fy nghas beth"

Translation:My pet hate

February 26, 2016



Is "my pet peeve" not acceptable?

June 2, 2017


There are probably many potential idiomatic translations of this, so we stick with those most common in Welsh English: 'the thing I hate the most' or 'my pet hate'.

June 2, 2017


So, is there some superlative here? Is nghas a verbal adjective of some sort? Is it derived from casau in some regular way that I could derive a similar superlative adjective from some other verb?

February 26, 2016


It might be easier to think of these as idioms:

  • Fy nghas beth yw... (My pet hate is...; The thing I hate most is...)

  • Fy hoff beth yw... (My favourite thing is ...)

cas and hoff are two of a small number of adjectives which can have slightly different meanings when used before or after the noun. Putting cas and hoff after a noun gives us:

  • y ci cas; y gath gas (the nasty dog; the nasty cat)

  • ffrind hoff (a dear friend) (not such a common usage, but you do meet it sometimes)

February 27, 2016
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