"Fy hoff beth ydy bwyta pasta."

Translation:My favourite thing is eating pasta.

February 26, 2016

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I understand the lenition in "Rhaid i fi fwydo'r gath," but why does the final vowel of tge verb change between O and A?

  • Bwydo - To feed
  • Bwyta - To eat


Since it's not explicitely mentioned in the notes: can fy hoff also be used with other nouns? And could one therefore say "fy hoff fwyd ydy cawl cyw iâr"?


Yes, hoff in this pattern is an adjective meaning ‘favourite’. It is unusual because it is one of small number if adjectives that routinely come before the noun - this means that the noun that they come before takes a soft mutation:

  • fy hoff fwyd - my favourite food
  • dy hoff gaffi - your favourite cafe
  • eu hoff gar - their favourite car
  • hoff bwnc yr athro - the teacher’s favourite subject


Is "Eat pasta is my favourite thing." also acceptable?


That doesn't sound like correct English to me.


Thank you, I am also improving my English while learning Welsh! :) (English is only my third language.)

[deactivated user]

    'Eating pasta is my favourite thing' is good English but not 'eat pasta...'


    "I don't actually like pasta ... but my dog is my favourite thing and he loves pasta...." "My favourite thing is eating pasta"


    Recently had the following English translation marked wrong:" The thing I like most is eating pasta". Correcct answer was given as "the most", i.e. "The thing I like the most is eating pasta. I think my answer is also correct. In fact a previous identical sentence was translated by Duolingo itself as "The thing I like most..." And, in addition, the sentence "Fy nghas beth... was translated as, "The thing I hate most..." - no sign of a "the".


    The simplest translation is the best:

    • Fy hoff beth - My favourite thing


    I agree, the simplest translation is the best. It's also good to know that other translations are equally correct, reflecting the richness and variety of both languages. But yes, I think "My favourite thing", is neat and uncomplicated.

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