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"Як довго ви працювали у офісі?"

Translation:How long did you work in the office?

February 26, 2016



А чому не "How long have you been working in the office?"

[deactivated user]

    If the person in question is still working in the office, we’d normally use the present tense: «Як до́вго ви працю́єте в о́фісі».


    Між двома голосними має стояти прийменник "В". Репорт

    [deactivated user]

      Цей курс постійно нехтує правилами про в/у та і/й... :(


      Why not "How long were you working in the office" Imperfective tense. It's not known whether the work is permamently terminated or not


      I don't know if it should be accepted, but a common way to say something similar is "for how long did you work from the office.". Same meaning, but maybe a different translation.

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