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Nouns in the vocabulary list should have articles

I just finished a French lesson and got a couple of new words wrong by using the wrong articles, so when I got back to the page for the "Food" unit (http://duolingo.com/#/skill/fr/Food) I scrolled down to the list of "words you've learned" to revise the genders. But genders don't appear on this list; you have to go back to the main vocabulary list to see the (m) or (f) next to each noun.

It's a small change, but I think having the gender indicated every time the word appears in a vocabulary list would be very helpful. I haven't really learned the word if I can't remember the gender.

In fact, I'd prefer it if the vocabulary lists wrote it out as "la pomme" rather than "pomme (f)", but that's less important as long as the gender is given somewhere.

January 18, 2013



Yes, I agree. I was thinking the same thing just yesterday, thanks for mentioning it.


That's an obvious shortcoming of this app. Getting the articles right is frustrating and should be emphasized. What about a 'fix' duo lingo?


That has been annoying me since I started with Duolingo. When I learn a word I try to learn it with its article as a unit and I agree that the list written as "la pomme" etc, would be very helpful. It is an equal irritation in German.


I agree. That would be helpful for Spanish as well.


I agree with this. I posted a similar question/comment. I feel like having a broad list of everyday/common masculine/feminine word would help.


Agreed, this is a huge flaw! Please fix.


it could be very important also for Italian and German


Yes, I'm not learning those languages, but it should be included for any language that has gender.

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