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"Discuss Sentence" Option Gone on Phone

The "discuss sentence" icon has disappeared from my duolingo phone app. I tried restarting my phone and logging out of the program, but it has still not returned. Any suggestions?

December 27, 2013



Thanks for reporting. We actually disabled it for some time because the discussions were being spammed by phone users. They'll come back soon.


This is just my opinion and it's up to the duolingo team to decide. I don't agree with others who are suggesting that a lingot needs to be spent just to have the privilege to post a question or comment in a discussion.

Because: Commonly it's the beginners who ask questions frequently and they are also the ones who have the least lingots yet. More so they need those lingots for the bonus skills and they're a bit pricey.

I think making a way to report spammers and encouraging the community to do so may solve this problem.

As others have said it is unfair to charge lingots for genuine and sensible questions/comments that may even help other people to understand why a sentence was like that. ex. its structure.

also, spammers may still have enough lingots to still SPAM a thread! Do you agree with me guys? Just my two cents.. =D


If possible make mobile discussions viewable and just disable posting comments until you come up with some solution.

My suggestions for alleviating this problem:

  1. add an option to report a comment as spam (if 3-5 users have reported the comment as spam notify a moderator)
  2. recruit more moderators
  3. make mobile discussions only viewable until the option for posting comments is bought in the lingot store (after you have implemented the lingot store in the app)
  4. deduct certain amount of lingots from user's account for each spam comment made in sentence discussions. (I am not sure about this one)


Or, maybe if enough people report a comment as spam, it will simply disappear instead of having to wait for a moderator to check it out? I think having the moderator come would be a superfluous step because if so many people think it's spam, the moderator will most likely agree and delete it anyway.


Unfortunately people could easily abuse the system you're suggesting. I can already see small organized groups of malevolent users reporting useful comments as spam and making them disappear.


That is the problem. The spammer will than spam by report a comment as spam. If enough spammer would report a useful comment it would be deleted. That would be much worse.


Would it be possible to let us Android users do "read-only" mode in discussion soon-ish? Not being able to check out other's comments make it a much less useful learning environment (even for a few weeks). I can go to my computer if I need to make comments. Thanks!


I second this. Reading the discussion is a valuable part of the learning process for me.


Yes, I second this too! "Read-only" mode is more than enough for the mobile app. Maybe we (mobile users) can also have access to "Vote Up" (only up, not down = reduce spams) and "Give Lingot".


Hi Luis! what do you mean by spammed? spammed by questions or non sense stuff?


Im assuming that this occurred more with the easier lessons? Most of the later lessons didn't appear to have much nonsense.


Spam is a wrong term being applied here asSpam only pertains to unsolicited commercial advertising.

Back in the good old days on Bullittetin Board Systems we called the undesirable posters, Spoilers. It appeared their main interest was to control the board by interrupting topic flow, or disrupting, I mean.


I had been on the verge of abandoning the App and going back to using the website exclusively when the 'Report' and 'Discuss' features were finally added. I liked the app for the convenience but it could be incredibly frustrating at times without the comments section to learn why I'd got an answer wrong, or the 'Report' feature to report obvious issues (still surprisingly common!). So I was very grateful that you finally brought both to the Android App, thank you!

Now if only you could bring the comments back again? It's only been a few days but already I'm really missing them. Could you not re-enable them for established users as a temporary measure, i.e. those who have been here for several weeks or who have completed a number of lessons? Or, as someone else suggested, re-enable them as a read-only resource until you have measures in place to prevent abuse?


I second that. I feel like I'm not progressing as much without having the comments to help and I find the website version to be too cumbersome. Please get this sorted out, Duo. NobleJohn, have a lingot.


Hello, I don't mean to bother you. Just wondering if there's any update? I've read through both here & the other thread in regards to this but haven't seen an update since a couple weeks back.

I'll happily wait another week before bothering again, but I do hope they come back soon-- even if just read-only. It's a highly valuable part of the experience & can be very helpful.

Thank you for your time, Scott


Thanks for the update. I'm glad y'all plan on bringing it back, perhaps after the holidays when people are back in school/work and don't have as much time to spam the forums ;)

[deactivated user]

    Great. I thought Only I had this problem.


    Do you have any idea how soon? This option is a great help to me. thanks!


    Even though this feature was only on the tablet for a week or so I really miss this feature. There were many informative posts explaining grammatical situations and exceptions which are not obvious. I will be glad to see this feature return. One additional feature I would like to see is some sort of bookmark so you could return to a question where you made a post. This would easily allow you to see an answer to a posted question.

    ¡Me gusta Duolingo mucho!


    I thought it was just me! I even tried clearing my app's data and lost all my learned words. But still the discuss sentence has not yet returned!


    If you make it so that you have to be on level 3 (or any other arbitary level really) to post comments, I think that would help?

    also, hiding comments marked as spam by 3 people would help as well.

    I hope you fix it and bring it back, I found the discussions very usefull (and sometimes amusing)


    I agree. level three would help to see posting only by serious students. I expect there are very likely a lot of drop outs in the first two levels.


    I am a mobile app user at level 11. And I greatly miss the input from contributors with 10 XP and above. They provide explanations which are otherwise completely lacking in duolingo. They are of critical importance.

    Because the mobile app did not explain the sudden termination of the discussions I took it personally as I had recently responded to a totally idiotic statement. I had assumed that my response was reported by the fool and I was cut because of it. I was seeing the way the discussions worked the fools ruled the discussions. So I now so glad to see my assumption was in error and discussions will return to the mobile apps. But two weeks is terribly long time. I have had critical questions I have needed answers for. For example, why is "baño azul" correct?


    Another instance of everyone losing something useful because of some irresponsible users. This makes me a sad panda. I can't wait to see the discussions pop up on my app again!


    I'm so happy to see this thread. I thought it was just me, for some reason. I thought I had been banned for something, but had no idea what, because I continued receiving notifications of comments on exercises I had previously made comments on myself. I even un/reinstalled the app, risking potentially losing all of my scores, just in hopes of getting comments back. I had also noticed that my progress page wasn't updating in real time. I had to flip over to my second language and back again but that's another story for another thread ;) Glad comments will be back! I'm itching for them


    I'm very happy to learn this wasn't just me. I was worried I had done something or said something stupid, getting myself banned from the discussions or something. I'm not on the website too much, so it really hurt when the discussions were removed from the mobile app for Android.

    Fingers crossed they come back soon! Even if just read only. It's incredibly useful, to the point where I felt as though I wasn't learning nearly as much as I had during just that short time & actually ended up skipping a few days, losing the streak I had since starting ... drats!

    Thank you so much, duolingo. I'm very grateful you guys are around & free because learning another language is helping me see the world in a way I couldn't have imagined before. j


    I thought I was banned as well. An explanation could have been supplied.


    1 Are you using an Android phone? Because if you are using iOS, it wasn't ever there. 2. Report this to Luis! www,duolingo.com/Luis


    Yes, I am using an android phone. It's disappointing because it's a nice feature.


    I'm running into this problem as well, running Android version 2.3.6, Kernel version, Build number Gingerbread.FF19


    Im running Android Jellybean. I hope this gets to Luis or to the DuoLingo team soon. This happened all of a sudden.


    Hope this comes back soon. I feel like a lot of help came from those discussions.


    Any news on this functionality coming back soon?


    My "Discuss Sentence" button suddenly does not work anymore. What happened? How do I get the button to work again?

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