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Patagonian Welsh Video/Fideo am Gymraeg Yr Wladfa

I've seen a few people wanting to hear some Patagonian Welsh. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxpo776TBWQ) This is a video to people speaking this dialect. For those who don't know, In 1865 a group of Welsh people searching for a place to live freely through the Welsh language left Wales and settled in the southern region of Argentina called Patagonia. Whilst Welsh is no longer the dominant language in the Patagonia region there are still between 5000-12,000 native speakers (out of 50,000 people of Welsh decent) and up to 25,000 second language speakers. Personally I can't hear much difference between the Welsh spoken in the video and what I would hear here in Wales (except for the accent of course).

February 26, 2016



Cool, what an interesting language.


Great video! It's great to know that people there are still making an effort to keep the language alive :)

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