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"Oni szybko dostarczają jedzenie."

Translation:They deliver food quickly.

February 26, 2016



They quickly deliver food?


I wish everything where possible was a direct translation from Polish. It would be so much easier to see the structure, and learn the language.


I agree.

I use duolingo to learn structure, and I (personally) find it annoying when a different phrase is given in English because "it essentially means the same thing"

But to be fair, when Duo does give direct translations, the comments section gets flooded with people saying "uh, hello, excuse me.... We would never say it like this in ENGLISH!!"

I try to fight back, but eventually the moderators do give in. There's only so many times they can explain it.

Plus people learn in different ways. I use Duo only for grammar, so the more weird the sentence, the better! (Give me "my grandma's green fish does not sell an old blue dress on Wednesdays" instead of "Where is the bus station please")

But people start complaining that "when will I EVER use this sentence? Please teach real life phrases I can use when there on holiday"

So the moderators have to balance this for everyone


What is wrong with: "They quickly deliver food."?


Same question, could a mod help me?


It seems that it's fine, added now.


Why not delivering food?


"delivering food" works.


how would one say they deliver fast food? how would it differ from the above?


Wait... "fast food" as in McDonald's or KFC? "Dostarczają fast food"...


that's hardly Polish is it?


Well, some words (phrases) just enter the language without any change. Like "weekend".

https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/fast_food - as you can see, you have entries for "usage of a foreign word in Polish" and for "English".


...unless it's Amazon Fresh. Then it takes a while :P


I think I read in a comment that the adverb usually is placed after the verb? It seems that it is more usually before??


It's hard to say where it is because it's not like 'we know the rules', someone asks, we try to figure it out but the example at hand always influences it strongly. I feel that I'd mostly place it right before the verb it describes though. They 'quickly deliver' stuff.

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