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  5. "Перед стулом — стол."

"Перед стулом стол."

Translation:There is a table in front of the chair.

February 27, 2016



"In front of the chair is a table." ?


Yes, this course has a policy of always rejecting this construction, even though it is correct. Please report it wherever you find it, there are many examples.

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I think it is because the Russians desire to use word order to represent the focus ("new information") of the sentence. They try to continue this into English, by diminishing the importance of a word that appears at the end of the Russian sentence by prefacing it with a "There is" in the English translation. Because we don't do this in English, at least not consciously, but I think not at all, it is hard for native English speakers to remember their convention. Same with use of a and the--they want to replace the specificity of the articles in English with the positional emphasis in the Russian. Maybe with another year or two of practice, I will get it under control.


Man I mixed that one up. A chair is in front of the table. Why did those Russians have to call table and chair with two so similar words? ;)


Don't ask - in Slovene (my native language) стол means chair. It only makes matters worse.


I just try to remember stool now instead of chair.


Russian: Three words.

English: Nine words.


@La Profe: Fortunately in dutch 'стул' sounds the same as 'stoel' (chair).


How do we know that it is a table and not a desk?


It depends on context. As there is no context here both are acceptable.


Would you say this in Russian? I think the convention in English would be to say that the smaller object is behind the larger.


Why not: Перед стулом стоит стол? Is стоит wrong? It seems to me that a chair does stand.


Why would you tell someone there's a table in front of a chair? It makes no sense, because the table is the larger object and usually not often moved, unlike a chair. And how many times does someone ask you where a table is vs where a chair is?

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